iOS App Development

iOS App Developer

Swift 2.0 Certification Course with Online Support

Re-invent yourself with the dexterity of iOS, and experience the world of endless possibilities as a professional iOS Developer.

The iOS app development training course from Kovid Academy provides an excellent platform to understand and master the key concepts of iOS application development.

Our iOS app course offers you to gain a thorough knowledge of the iOS eco-system and also allows you to have a hands-on practice on the Apple’s high-end programming language ‘Swift’. After successfully completing the iOS app training from Kovid Academy, you will be able to build and publish the iOS apps in the Apple Play Store.

Learn Core Data with Xcode and iCloud Development

At Kovid Academy, our highly experienced and proficient trainers will assist you in employing the different tools used for developing the iOS apps. Our training curriculum initially discusses the fundamental concepts like working with iOS SDK and XCode and later progresses into the advanced concepts like working with Animations, Layouts, View Controllers etc., which makes the training highly logical and transparent for you to understand all the concepts thoroughly.

This course is available in two interactive modes: iOS app development online training mode and iOS app development instructor LED classroom mode. The online training mode comes bundled with the post-training live support for 1 year.

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After the completion of this course, you will get expertise in:

  1. Understanding the environment of Mac OS
  2. Transforming your ideas into codes
  3. Working with Swift programming language
  4. Creating generics to enhance the flexibility of code
  5. Understanding iCloud and Core Data frameworks
  6. Working with Auto Layouts for developing applications for all screen sizes
  7. Developing different iOS applications, which can work on both iPhones and iPads

This course is ideal for:

  1. Students or aspirants, who desires for a career progression in the field of iOS app development
  2. Mobile App Developers, Web Developers & Architects, Testers, Project Managers, Mainframe Professionals, and a lot more.
Instructor Led training 32 Hrs
Instructor Interaction Yes
Live Support Post Training 1 Year
Simulated Projects 1
Capstone/Hands On/Real Time Project 1
Kovid Academy iOS App Developer Certificate Yes
40 CEU/PDU certificate Yes

Module 1: Getting Started with iOS

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Development Environment
  • iOS Architecture
  • SDK Framework & Components
  • XCode and IB interface

Module 2: Introduction to Swift

  • Overview of Swift
  • Constants & Variables
  • Annotations & Datatypes
  • Conversions & Tuples
  • Arrays & Dictionaries
  • Functions
  • Enumerators

Module 3: Swift – OOPS Concepts

  • Classes & Structures
  • Initializers
  • Methods
  • Inheritance
  • Extensions
  • Protocols
  • Generics

Module 4: Basics of iOS Development

  • Installing and understanding XCode & iOS SDK
  • Project templates
  • iOS Simulators
  • Design Patterns
  • MVC pattern in iOS app development

Module 5: Layouts and Storyboard Controllers

  • iOS application Lifecycle
  • Delegations
  • View Controllers
  • Layouts & Views
  • Debugging

Module 6: Working with View Controllers

  • Introduction
  • Table Views
  • Collection Views
  • Multiple-View Applications
  • Master-Detail Applications
  • UI PageView Controller

Module 7: Animations and Size Classes

  • Animations
  • UIActivityViewController for Social Sharing
  • Maps
  • UISplitViewController
  • Size Classes for Adaptive Layout
  • Capturing Images

Module 8: Network operations

  • iOS Networking
  • Managing Frameworks
  • Networking with Alamofire
  • SwiftyJSON & HanekeSwift
  • Downloading & Image Caching

Module 9: Data Persistence & Storage

  • iOS Data Persistence
  • Property Lists
  • Core Data
  • Models with Entities
  • Sample application with Core Data

Module 10: Cloud Kit, Parse and Publishing apps

  • Cloud Kit Implementation
  • Parse Back-end Interaction
  • Localizing Application
  • Publishing Apps into Play Store
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Why iOS App Development?

Apple iOS based applications are largely popular for its extensive UX and UI designs; which has created a huge demand for the iOS apps in the global market. By using the Apple’s Developer Program, anyone can design and deploy the iOS apps by paying just $99 per one year. This gives a platform for the aspiring mobile developers to build interactive iOS apps, which can attain them good income and large popularity.

What are the prerequisites of this course?

To make the most of this course, you are required to have:
1)Knowledge of any Object Oriented Programming language, such as C++, Java or Python

Who is the right candidate for this course?

This course is ideal for:
1)Students or aspirants, who desires for a career progression in the field of iOS app development
2)Mobile App Developers, Web Developers & Architects, Testers, Project Managers, Mainframe Professionals and a lot more.

What are the software or hardware requirements?

The participants are recommended to have:
1)MAC Notebook (recommended) or MAC Desktop with OS X 10.0 or higher versions.
If you do not have a MAC machine, then we will assist you in renting a remote MAC machine over the cloud.

What are the training materials provided?

For all the training modules that are covered in this course, adequate materials and good references will be provided. In the case of online interactive trainings, every session will be recorded and uploaded in the LMS, giving you the feasibility to recap the completed training sessions.

Is Certification offered and if so, how do you earn?

After the completion of course, the participants will undergo a certification examination. Based on their performance in the assignments, projects and the final examination, certificates will be issued to the participants.

How many hours is a student expected work?

This extensively depends upon your prior experience levels and the grasping nature. It means, the time period may vary from one participant to another. On an average, we have noticed that the participants are required to spend double the training hours. Let us consider, if the training is for 10 hours, then the participants are required to spend an additional of 20 hours more.