Android Mobile Development

Android Developer

Certified App Development Course

Learn how to build and deploy user-friendly, professional looking mobile apps with this step-by-step, expert driven curriculum.

This certification course from Kovid Academy is extensively designed to assist you in dilating your career as an expert in the field of Android Mobile Apps Development, which will help you to unbolt multiple career opportunities in both the start-ups and MNCs.
At Kovid Academy, we offer both Online Training and Classroom Training sessions that are conducted by the professionals, who holds an immense expertise in the field of Android apps development and Android mobile apps training.

Advanced concepts with different OS platforms

Our training curriculum will outset by discussing the basic concepts of Android and progresses on to the advanced concepts of Android app development, which will help you to gain an adequate knowledge on the architecture of Android and its different OS versions. During this course, you will work on the widgets, spinners, views, audios, videos, SQLite database, and finally publishes your app on the Google Play Store.

This course also allows you to attain a clear idea about the integration of mobile apps on different social networks, and the process for creating and optimising the Android apps for enhanced user experience.

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Latest Course Details

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Course Details

After the completion of this course, you will gain expertise in the following concepts:

Basic Android Development tools for mobile apps, like:

    1. Android Studio
    2. DDMS
    3. Drawables
    4. Listeners, and so on
    5. Utilising multiple Widgets and Layouts in Android applications
    6. Creating interactive applications
    7. Working with multimedia files (audio, video & notifications)
    8. Creating applications using the SQLite database
    9. Fundamentals of event handling in Android
    10. Publishing your app on Google Play Store

This course is optimistic for:

  1. Students, or aspirants who holds a desire for developing their own Android apps.
  2. Web developers or Software Professionals, looking for career progression in the field of Android Mobile Development.
  3. Novices, as well as the Gurus (who already have the experience of developing mobile apps on different platforms).
Instructor Led training 32 Hrs
Instructor Interaction Yes
Live Support Post Training 1 Year
Simulated Projects 1
Capstone/Hands On/Real Time Project 1
Kovid Mobile Apps Developer Certificate Yes
35 CEU/PDU certificate Yes

Module 1: Introduction to Android Development

  • Introduction
  • Android Architecture
  • Setting up Android Studio & Android SDK
  • Android Components

Module 2: Working with Activities, Intents, Notifications & Media

  • Introduction
  • Activity Lifecycles
  • Intents
  • Notification Compact
  • Video View & Media Player

Module 3: Android Layouts and Widgets

  • Introduction
  • Linear, Framework, Relative & Table layouts
  • Date & Time Pickers
  • Radio buttons & Check boxes

Module 4: Customise Views & Implementing Event Receivers

  • ntroduction
  • List Views, Grid Views & Recycler Views
  • System & Custom Broadcast Receivers

Module 5: Locations & Sensors

  • Introduction
  • Accessing Current Location on Map
  • Location Strategies
  • Map Fragment
  • Indicating Markers on Maps
  • Map Types

Module 6: Using Controls

  • Introduction
  • Working with Menus
  • Input Controls & Settings

Module 7: Using SQLite Database

  • Introduction
  • Using SQLiteOpenHelper
  • Datatypes
  • Methods for Managing SQLite Database

Module 8: Animations & Services

  • Introduction
  • Creating and Managing the Bound Services
  • Communicating with Remote Service

Module 9: Building & Testing

  • Introduction
  • Implementing & Releasing the Builds
  • Testing the Builds
  • Android Testing Tools

Module 10: Publishing to Google Play Store

  • Introduction
  • Services
  • Publishing into Play Store
  • Managing the Applications
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Why Android?

As per the research of IDC (International Data Corporation), Android is the leader of Smartphone market. With its high-flexibility and open-source availability, Android has attained the largest customer base than any other mobile operating system has. Accordingly, a majority of the organisations are considering the Android application development as a key initiative for promoting their business.
In order to meet this escalating market demand, you should embrace yourself with all the key skills required for developing the interactive and irresistible mobile apps.

What are the prerequisites of this course?

To make the most of this course, the participants are required to have: Basic knowledge of Java Programming Language and Knowledge of Logical Reasoning and Ease of using the Smartphones.

Who is the right candidate for this course?

The course is optimistic for:
1)Students, or aspirants who holds a desire for developing their own Android apps.
2)Web developers or Software Professionals, looking for career progression in the field of Android Mobile Development.
3)Novices, as well as the Gurus (who already have the experience of developing mobile apps on different platforms).

What are the training materials provided?

For all the training modules that are covered in this course, adequate materials and good references will be provided. In the case of online training, every session will be recorded and uploaded in the LMS, giving you the feasibility to recap the completed training sessions.

What are the System requirements for participants?

The participants are required to have i3 or more processor. 4GB of RAM and about 50 GB of free hard disk space.

Is Certification offered and if so, how is it earned?

After the completion of course, you are required to develop an android application. Based on your performance in the assignments and the project work, certificate will be issued to you.

How many hours is a student expected work?

This extensively depends upon your prior experience levels and the grasping nature. It means, the time period may vary from one participant to another. On an average, we have noticed that the participants are required to spend double the training hours. Let us consider, if the training is for 10 hours, then the participants are required to spend an additional of 20 hours more.